Customer Comments

S.R UK December 31, 2014
My new boots have arrived, just five days after I ordered them, they are a perfect fit and the design is stunning! It\'s certainly worth paying a bi... [MORE]

R.M Latvia May 29, 2014
I have received my NEW ROCK 8422 C1 60 Day Custom Made Snob Shoes and they are awesome! Thank you for your services. ... [MORE]

S. USA April 03, 2014
I got my pair of New Rock 107 s3 in today. Delivery was faster than expected, the boots are amazing, prefect fit, perfect condition, and they are ex... [MORE]

M. Ireland March 22, 2014
Thanks again for the help you've offered me. I really appreciate this.Can I just say you are the best sales people I've spoken to on the phone. We f... [MORE]

E. UK March 07, 2013
Hi,   My order has been delivered safely today via UPS. Just to let you know how very pleased I am with my purchase and the prompt dispatch. ... [MORE]

D. Ireland September 14, 2012
Hi all at New Rock Boots and Shoes,I just wanted to reply to say thank you very much for the excellent service recieved in relation to my order. Thi... [MORE]

J, UK September 10, 2012
Hi Guys, The boots have landed and they're epic. Actually, the whole shopping experience deserves a big thumbs-up... just five working days between ... [MORE]

S. France August 30, 2012
Hello all New Rock 's team! Commissioned on August 27, my boots \ "1020 S1 \" were delivered Thursday 30 08 Only 4 days, a record! The shoes are bea... [MORE]

D. Ireland August 01, 2012
Hi all at New Rock boots and shoes, I just wanted to reply to say thank you and commend you for good service.I recieved my boots today by UPS and a... [MORE]

S, France May 21, 2012
Hello to all, sales team! Ordered from your site on 14 05, I've received TODAY 21 May my 195 S1 New Rock  "metallic boots " (super) 8 days for ... [MORE]

TW, Australia May 10, 2012
Hi there.Just letting you know I received my PUNK006 C6 boots today and am thoroughly delighted.Was pleasantly surprised to find them today as I was... [MORE]

M, UK January 20, 2012
Hi thanks Got my lovely boots today, awesome! Would like to purchase some more stuff in the future so I will keep in touch as I love new Rock boot... [MORE]

Michaela, Sweden January 16, 2012
Hello!I just wanted to say thank you for a very quick dispatch and delivery. UPS tried to deliver the package to me friday 13th, so that i like 4-5... [MORE]

Joseph, Australia January 10, 2012
Hi there to the awesome staff at Newrockboots& I would just like to say thank you for your fantastic & super fast service i reall... [MORE]